Thread lift is the new face-lift? Dubai-based surgeon reveals all

Written by on July 27, 2019

Founder of Dr. Kayle Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai reveals all.

Thread lifting has become a popular procedure among those who want a natural look without surgical intervention.
First introduced in early 2000’s, it has been gaining momentum thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow discussing it on Goop and Huda Kattan who claimed it was a great alternative to lip fillers.
It involves small, dissolvable threads being inserted through tiny incisions that pull up the skin and smooth out fine lines.
One of the most experienced professionals in Dubai, and an expert at using different sizes of threads, is Dr. Kayle. Below he explains exactly what the procedure involves.

What can patients expect from an initial thread lift consultation?

At the initial consultation, every aspect related to thread lifting procedure will be addressed, starting with discussing whether the patient is a good candidate for it.
Next, I explain the details of the procedure so that the patient will know what to expect. This includes the technicalities of the procedure, the anesthesia, the pain level, the downtime, and the recovery period.
Most importantly, in this consultation a discussion of the results and the expectations is done, down to the minutest details, so the patient thoroughly understands the procedure and gets a clear picture of the advantages, benefits but also the limitations of the procedure.

What makes this a better option to a surgical face lift?

It is not that it is a better alternative to a surgical facelift; rather it is a perfect facial rejuvenation procedure for patients to choose if, for one reason or another, they don’t want to go under the knife. The main reasons that patients opt for thread lifting are that is has no downtime, there is no scarring and it is a lunchtime procedure that doesn’t require any hospitalization, none of which can be said for a surgical facelift.

Who does this treatment benefit the most? 

This treatment benefits patients with facial skin laxity, especially at its early stages. This makes the procedure mostly adequate for patients aged between 35 and 55. Also, unknown to many, the thread lifting effect is not just mechanical – it boasts an ability to induce collagen production while the threads are being absorbed, which can help to achieve a healthier skin condition and delay the need for surgical intervention for few years.

How long is the recovery? 

The recovery period is minimal. The patient can resume normal activity in 2 days and in many cases within 24 hours. With this miracle procedure, you can have a complete reversal of the skin laxity in the target area or areas. Patients will witness an on-going improvement in the result for first 4 to 6 weeks, as the pulled-up skin will keep on retracting and shrinking.

What is the aftercare?

Patients can apply their regular make-up directly the next morning. During the first week, they just have to take care not to apply pressure on their skin. Also, it might sounds strange but I always advise patients to cut their food into small pieces so that they don’t pull against the threads by taking big bites of food.

How long do the results last?

The effect of thread lifting will last for between one 1 year and 18 months, the time the threads will need before being absorbed, after which the procedure can be re-done.

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