The rains are here,reason to get more stylish!

Written by on July 2, 2019

A wet rainy day is enough to suck the outfit motivation right out of a person. But not to fear,I came up with some rainy day looks that will keep you dry, comfortable, and stylish when you schlep to work in the elements. Don’t think you have to go all out to compensate for a gray day, either: It can really be as simple as a well-placed pair of wellies, a pop of color on a raincoat, or a perfectly tailored trench coat.
*Wet season can also bring some chilled winds along with itself. You can team up your casual dress with a long windcheater or jacket. You may get some light fabric shrugs. They look chic and protect you from chilled monsoon winds.So stop worrying about the rain and dresses mess up. It will make you look even more beautiful.
*Avoid leather footwear at all cost:Don’t stress your leather footwear in this season.Leather soaks up a lot of water in the rains and takes time to dry out.This of course reduces their durability and make them lose their lustre.Try flats,jelly shoes or Wellingtons instead.Save them for the dry days,they look better on you on those days!
Wear light make up: Avoid heavy make up in this season.Wearing heavy makeup can make a messy smear on you when it pours.You may use water proof eyeliner and lipstick,but it is best to avoid foundation and mascara at all cost.
Dark colours are more suitable:Bright colours in this season can get dirty too soon.Dark colors tend to hide spots and stains better than light colors they’re less transparent when they get wet.White especially becomes more transparent in the rains and it’s more susceptible to getting tough muddy stains.You may rock some bright colours like blue or green,if you know you are ready to do some laundry.The most important piece to choose in a dark color is pants. The perfect, below-the-waist pieces for a puddle-strewn street: A pair of cropped black pants or coated, dark denim paired with your Chelsea rain boots.
Water-proof bag:With rain, comes gear. Even for the most minimalist among us, you’ll need a bag big enough to carry your daily essentials. Great options include a water-repellant satchel, a roomy tote, or a sturdy backpack. One of the most important considerations when choosing a bag is how well it protects your belongings from the rain, especially your laptop and headphones and other items that are not moisture friendly.
Synthetic fabrics are a better choice:Being huge proponents of natural, breathable fabrics, but when it comes to gearing up for the rain, we keep our cotton, silk, linen, and wool inside. Unless they are layered safely under sweaters or a jacket. If you love leggings, try switching from a cotton pair to pair made from Lycra or nylon. Your activewear leggings are perfect in inclement weather. Fast-drying, opaque, comfortable. Try them under a dress instead of tights. If you usually wear wool trousers, try ponte or a blend of polyester and rayon instead. These materials tend to be lightweight, so they won’t weigh you down if they get damp.
You never wrong with a raincoat:This is a very crucial piece. Especially, if you do not like the extra baggage of an umbrella. Yes, they come in cute colors and patterns, and can make a cool statement. But, try lugging your laptop around with a grande Americano, and texting, while holding an umbrella. Can’t. Be. Done. Go hands-free all the way. This means choosing a rain jacket that’s perfectly suited to the outside conditions. Our favorite is a long, water-repellent parka with a hood big enough to completely cover your head. It should have some weight to it, a flimsy anorak will not do. This way you can protect your outfit and your handbag underneath. Other great options include a trench coat or bomber jacket.
So I hope you can smile when it rains now cos you are good to go out there,puddles and all!!!!

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