Omani actress Buthaina Al Raisi skincare and makeup products

Written by on September 19, 2020

Omani actress and Bobbi Brown ambassador Buthaina Al Raisi, regularly shares her industry knowledge with her 5 million followers on Instagram. There’s power in knowing what works for you, so we asked Al Raisi to share her favourites.

Talk us through your morning routine.

My morning routine is the most important. As soon as I wake up, I wash my face with a gentle cleanser that is so on the skin, then I use a day moisturizer, and you must never forget to use an eye cream. Then I apply an SPF.

What can we always find in your makeup bag?

The most important product in my makeup bag is a lip gloss or balm, especially in summer when the weather is hot, and your lips can get dry easily. I apply it every hour to keep them moisturized.

How has your relationship with makeup evolved?

Your relationship with makeup and cosmetics changes so much over time, and as you mature. For example, I used to wear very bold, bright coloured makeup, and my winged eyeliner was much more dramatic than it is now. I used to wear lots of layers of foundation, and be a bit more daring with colours, now I focus more on neutral shades and earthy colours.

Let’s talk fragrance. What are you loving at the moment?

I adore perfumes and am very passionate about fragrance. So much so, I have created my own perfume When the Rain Falls, which I am pleased to say has been received with a lot of positivity and excitement. I put my heart and soul into it, it’s elegant and sophisticated with a strong undertone – like my personality.

How do you choose your evening fragrance?

In general, I don’t go for light perfumes – even my day perfumes have a personality and heaviness. In terms of evening perfumes, I love my own perfume but I also love a completely different one called: Sehr Al Luban it contains Frankincense which is a classic, much-loved scent in the region.


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