Fashion faux pas at the Royal Wedding of Meghan and Harry

Written by on May 26, 2018

The all-seeing eyes of the media can be counted upon to identify any fashion faux pas in a fashion event, and sure enough we got a few at the recently concluded Royal Wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.
Let’s get down to it…
Not one, not two, but three guests at the royal wedding wore a dress featured in Lifetime’s made-for-TV movie Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance, leaving some people questioning whether the fashion faux pas was really a coincidence — or a deliberate dig.
Over 29 million Americans watched the conjugal bliss of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this past Saturday, and one sniper-powered eyes of a Twitter user located 2 women putting on the same $580 self-portrait dress which the actress Parisa Fitz-Henley wore while portraying Meghan Markle in the television movie.

Fashion blogger Michaela O’Shaughnessy shared a photo of one of the guests arriving, tweeting: ‘OMG one of the guests is wearing the same outfit from when Meghan met the queen in the Lifetime movie! #RoyalWedding.’

Few moments later, The Twitter user later shared a photo of another female attendee wearing the very same dress
Third time’s a charm! Another woman was seen wearing the same design in a reverse colorway, with a navy design printed on a white background.

‘Update: I just spotted another woman wearing the same dress! #MyWorstFear #RoyalWedding,’ she added while sharing a photo of the second wedding guest.

A beady-eyed follower who tweets under the name of @itsMegha then responded to say that she had seen a third woman wearing the design — this time in a reverse colorway.

‘Rewatching and have spotted it again but in the reverse coloring,’ she wrote.

Instead of navy being the predominant color in the frock, the unidentified woman wore a white version featuring navy detailing.

Although the bodice was different, the navy and white pleated skirt was the same.

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