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Gucci pulled a freaky show at Milan Fashion Week 2018. Michele fully covers his models from the top of elaborate headpieces to the tips of their bejeweled toes in a seeming effort to hide the person in order to reveal a character. And there was a full range of new characters in his show combing […]

What the Cannes Film Festival is for the movie industry, the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography is for the style set—without the hype of paparazzi-infested red carpets (most years, at least), but with equally as many breathtaking views of the Riviera coastline, and just as much free-flowing rosé. Over the course of its […]

It will be the most important day of their shared lives to date, imbued with centuries-old tradition as they take vows before God, their families and the Queen. But not for Prince Harry  and  Meghan Markle  a day of too much solemnity, as they promise a 2018 wedding focused on fun, joy and a chance to […]

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