Blue Ivy Carter Sinks With Embarrassment Watching Her Parents’ On the Run II Tour Videos

Written by on June 22, 2018

Six-year-old Blue Ivy Carter was in the audience of her parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s June 15 On the Run II show in London. And while she could appreciate some of it, she hit her limit during one of two’s coupley video interludes. While full clips from the videos haven’t officially been made public yet, some early snippets show images of the couple smooching, lounging in bed, and Beyoncé shaking it. (The images from the On the Run Tour II Book are similarly intimate.)
Basically, her parents are so embarrassing and extra, she can’t even. A tour-goer caught Blue literally sinking and hiding her face during what she found to be the more cringey parts of her parents’ clip. She’d rise back up to see if it was safe, then sink back down because it wasn’t.
It wasn’t all bad though: Blue was spotted dancing during other parts of the concert. Obviously she has absolutely impeccable rhythm and timing.

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