Africa’s Next Super Model launches

Written by on May 4, 2022

Africa’s Next Super Model is Africa’s prestigious modeling competition reality tv show dedicated to scouting Africa’s finest talent in the modeling industry. We scout young girls and boys who have raw talents for modeling and turn them into world-class professional supermodels. This year we are making this a big step further, partnering with SELECT Models global, and opening up registrations to all the African countries, it is set to be a record-breaker.

Registration is open to all African models / young girls and boys aged 16 – 26 and has a minimum height of 5”9.

Joan Okorodudu, the founder of ISIS Models, continues to improve the lives of young girls 16 years and above by scouting, training, and establishing young girls who have an interest in the modeling career. There are several young raw talents in the modeling industry who without the right platform have rather been underutilized. Africa is full of talented young models and hence the need for platforms such as Africa’s Next Super Model to discover and train. This year, the competition expands into other African countries and this is opening the same opportunities for raw and young talents in other African countries to be discovered.

With the recent partnership between ISIS Models and SELECT Models which has improved the lives of several young models, Africa’s Next Super Model is certain to produce seasoned African talents into the African Modeling Industry and launch fresh faces into the international market at the end of the competition.  

So far, over 12 brand new cars have been given out to young girls who emerged as winners in the previous editions, while others got all-expense-paid trips to multiple countries where they’re currently working as professional supermodels. Even those that won the cars still got the chance to travel out and start a successful career in the modeling industry. Several stunning girls who didn’t get to win but made it to the finals also have been transformed into world-class supermodels.

As the originator mentioned, “we are going to be more focused on establishing the winners’ modeling career instead of giving brand new car, because more money can actually be made to buy several cars when the model is properly groomed and positioned. This is more about changing the lives of young ones for the better”.

We have success stories from models being scouted via this platform in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, etc. Most of these models are seen on the front covers of Vogue Magazines and other top fashion magazines in the world.

The founder of the modeling competition, Joan Okorodudu is the CEO of Africa’s foremost modeling agency, ISISI Models Africa which has a reputation for scouting the best talents in the modeling industry, with offices in London, South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria.

While scouting, she has a favorite quote that she always tells the models being scouted/screened…

“If you have what it takes, then you’re the winner… if you’re not good, you’re not good.”

“This is not a beauty pageant; it is a modeling competition. You might be beautiful and all that, but if you don’t have the model structure… it is either you develop it or you’re not chosen, simple”.

Considering this transparency, she tends to always scout the best models and thus making the agency (ISIS Models), the agency with the highest working African models in the industry.

How to register for Africa’s Next Super Model 2022

  1. Register on
  2. Follow us on and the agency on
  3. Comment on the official Instagram account for us to identify your Instagram ID.
  4. Watch out for the casting dates in your country.

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