Abuja-Keffi Road block: Commuters stranded

Written by on November 7, 2021

It is shocking as we’re yet to uncover the real reason the military had the Nyanya-Karu Road blocked and causing a high rise in traffic. The road block which began on the 3rd November, 2021 extended to 4th November, 2021. Workers and traders have been hindered from carrying out their daily activity effectively. The street was crowded with people trekking from Mararaba to Aya.


The easiest means of riding on a bike to Aya bus station was halted as these bikes got seized by task force and leaving people walking their way down the road to their various places of work. With how these people were seen walking their way to their various offices, proves that they won’t be efficient in their daily work.

photo from an eye witness

Commuters are frustrated by policymaker’s inability to do anything about the problem. The constant traffic pose as a significant public policy challenge. Although the government may never eliminate road congestion but there are ways to minimize the rate.

Traffic congestion is a cause to think about. like; why too many people move around at the same time? and how mobility challenges can be addressed?

This situation needs to be curbed in order not to cripple the economic and social system as it is impossible not to have people go to work, go to school, go to the market and run errands during same hours.

There are ways to handle mobility problem although some of them are politically or physically and financially impossible.

Nigerians deserve a stress-free traffic because the economy is already challenging. Nigerians want the government to do something about the roads, more linked roads and a fore front information if there will be situations like this on the roads in future.

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